Participants in the 32nd International Epilepsy Congress are encouraged by the event organizers to take advantage of the beautiful city while they are there. They know that this is a good time to showcase Barcelona as well as for the participants to gain valuable knowledge regarding epilepsy.

The City’s Offerings

Barcelona has a wealth of history to offer. There are over 2000 years of architecture in the city to explore. There are ruins from the Roman age, Gothic finds, and leftovers from the Renaissance.

Also, the modern city has a lot of cultures to offer. There are over 160 different nationalities that reside in Barcelona. Visitors can find others who speak the same language. Barcelona is truly a melting pot when it comes to culture.

The city is also known for its great artists. There is no other city that a person can go and see so many original Picasso‘s. There are paintings from his realist phase as well as many of his modern art creations. Other artists include Miró, Dalí, Gaudí, and Tàpies; these are all very influential artists with well-known works.

Weather and Packing

The weather should be enjoyable for the Congress. The average highs are expected to be 26°C (about 78°F). The minimum temperatures are around 17°C (around 62°F). So a person should pack pants, shorter skirts/shorts, a windbreaker, open and closed toe shoes, long-sleeved shirts, as well as tank tops and regular shirts. The dress code might be more professional in the Congress, but clothes for touring the streets are also recommended. Don’t forget sunscreen as well when one is out all day.


Most hotels offer the Internet. WiFi is available in the Congress for registered participants. Barcelona is a city with lots of Internet access. The calling code for Barcelona is +34.



When paying for items, expect to carry Euros (€). Many of the restaurants and hotels will accept major credit cards as well as traveler’s checks. Look for banks or savings banks(Caixes) to exchange money. Be careful, though, because the banks are usually only open until mid-afternoon and the Caixes have a siesta break for two hours in the mid-afternoon.

Practical Adjustments

While English will be spoken at the Congress, the languages in Barcelona are Spanish and Catalan. Also, be prepared for the electrical plug in’s, which are European two pin. Try to buy a converter at home before coming to the conference.

Also remember that smoking is allowing in restaurants and bars in Barcelona. The lunch and supper times are also usually later due to the heat. People in Barcelona usually have a nap in the afternoon to beat the heat and go out for dinner later. Expect restaurants to be closed between 4 pm and 8 pm as a result.

Barcelona is a great city to explore. Just be prepared to talk to locals and hosts of the Congress to find out local hot spots and hidden treasures.