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  • “Epilepsia” and the ILEA Congress

    There are various resources in the community, especially the academic one, for various diseases. Epilepsy is no exception. “Epilepsia” is the official journal of the International League Against Epilepsy. This league was founded by a group of international neurologists in 1909. It is a global non-profit organization. It also has an affiliation with the World Health Organization.

    The 32nd International Epilepsy Congress


    The next global epilepsy event is the 32nd International Congress on Epilepsy held in Barcelona. This congress is made up of delegates from the International League Against Epilepsy (ILAE) and the International Bureau for Epilepsy (IBE).

    This event is biennial and represents the best minds regarding epilepsy coming together for an international think tank. All of the delegates will come with information on the latest research. It is a chance for all the nations to pool together their knowledge on the disease.

    Registration is available online. There is a charge for members of ILAE and IBE that will be in attendance. The charge is less for members than it is for other professionals.


    Elective Classes

    There are three elective classes to take. The first class is Seizure and Epilepsy Classification on September 3, 2017. The second class is Women’s Issues in Epilepsy on September 4, 2017. The last elective class offered is Managing Difficult Cases of Epilepsy in Childhood on September 5, 2017. These classes do not cost any money to those registered for the conference, but the classes need to be signed up for in advance on the website.

    The Congress is at the illustrious Palau de Congressos de Catalunya. There will be debates, lectures, conferences from various disciplines, and video sessions.


    ILAE Specific Events

    There are two specific meetings only open to ILAE members. They are called The ILAE General Assembly & Chapter Convention. The assembly is for ILAE members only and will take place on Tuesday 6th September from 16:30 to 17:30 in Room F on Level – 1. All of the members of ILAE in attendance are invited to attend this event. The ILAE Chapter Convention takes place on Saturday 2nd September from 10:00 to 13:00 on Level -1. This ILAE Chapter Convention is more exclusive as it is by invitation only.


    Congress APP


    There is also a free Congress app called “IEC 2017” that all participants in the Congress can download. It is geared towards most electronic devices, specifically Apple, Windows and Android users. This app can help participants to navigate where the various conferences and sessions are held in the building. They can learn more about what type of meetings each event is, and then determine if it is relevant to their profession and learning.





    “Epilepsia” will continue to reflect the most current knowledge garnered from this convention. The representatives from ILAE will come back from Barcelona with a wealth of new insights that they will be ready to distribute in future issues of the journal.

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  • What is the 30th International Epilepsy Congress?



    The 30th International Epilepsy Congress was in Montreal, Canada. It was a joint effort between two organizations, the IBE (International Bureau of Epilepsy) and the ILAE (International League Against Epilepsy), to garner more knowledge about the field. The congress was in 2013 from June 23 to 27.

    When Are The Congresses Held?

    These congresses are every two years. This meeting was particularly special because it was the first congress held in North America in thirty years. Also, the administrators chose Canada to host the venue which was unique because the United States is often a prime location for medical gatherings.

    What was Discussed?


    Each convention focuses on a plethora of ideas. The main topics in this congress were epilepsy surgery, stigma, the epileptic focus, withdrawal of AEDs, classification and focal cortical dysplasias. During this meeting, the organizers tried out a “Meet the Expert” feature. This allowed participants to talk more in depth with pioneers in the field, and even have debates with them. Speak with the experts is now a regular addition for future congresses.

    Who Attended?

    There are various types of participants in these congresses. There are of course delegates from IBE and ILAE. The representatives are invited and usually play an active role in the events of the congress. These participants are given a discounted fee to the congress because they are members of one of these two groups.

    There are also medical professionals that want to attend the congress. These professionals are more than welcome to the congress. The professionals pay a fee and attend many of the session.

    There is also a discount for attendants who are under 40. This encourages new talent to join in these symposiums. It is a great way for younger professionals to continue to gain the latest knowledge in their field. These neurologists and other doctors can then go back to their practices with advanced information regarding how to treat their patients with epilepsy. They can also train other practitioners in the hospital with new techniques that they learned. Often these participants are advocates for new technology that hospitals can acquire to diagnose and treat patients with epilepsy.

    Sometimes non-medical caregivers for those with epilepsy like to attend the congress. There is a place for these carers as well in the congress. They gain access to panels and information that is relevant to their level of expertise.

    Are all the Members Doctors?

    The members of ILAE are not all neurologists. Some are also professionals that help with writing the medical journal “Epilepsia.” Writers disseminate knowledge through this journal to the academic community, epilepsy caretakers and practitioners across the globe. Because this is an international organization, many of these members are also translators that work tirelessly to make sure that the distribution can have a truly global audience.

    These congresses represent people from across the world. They all come together for the common purpose of helping to fight against epilepsy in the population.

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